3D Virtual Tour for Event Venues

Create engagement & gain a competitive advantage over other venues in Norway.
Event venues that offer a 3D virtual tour build more trust and have more efficient communication with prospects and clients. As most of the industry in Norway doesn't take advantage of it yet, it gives your venue a competitive edge.
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3D digital twin of event venues helps to plan the event
Allows potential clients to enter and explore your space like they were there personally.
Seeing the event venue online as it is in real life helps in planning and making decisions. We can add your venue 3D virtual tour to 360 Google Street View as well as embed it on your website.
It will make your offer more dynamic and engaging, which will improve Google search results and convert more visitors into future customers.
Present your event venue in the best way possible.
With Matterport 3D virtual tours, potential clients can do their own walkthrough of your event venue from anywhere, anytime with anyone, generating higher engagement and interest.
By giving viewers the most complete representation of your property you help them decide if the venue is right for their event. Your offer becomes engaging and it stands out from the competition.
We also deliver a 3D point of cloud which can be used by architects & interior designers.
3D scanning of event venues

Proven results for event venues with Matterport

300 %
Greater engagement on websites with 3D tour vs. 2D imagery
67 %
Respondents want to see virtual tours on a company website
16 %
Better organic growth in Google search for websites with 3d tours
67 %
customers know what is a virtual tour & want more businesses to offer them
31 %
Less time on market
500 %
more time spent by customers on websites with virtual tours

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Let your clients walk through & experience details of your event venue from any device, anytime!

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Product features

matterport virtual tour

4K High-Resolution still photos as well as 360 photos can be produced together with Matterport 3D virtual tour both for marketing purpose and event venue record keeping.

best virtual tours of event venues
Highlight key features of your space with a pop-up label containing text, phone numbers, links or video. Thanks to mattertags your 3D virtual viewing will be even more interesting and informative for visitors.

google 360 virtual tour on street view
Connecting your 360 virtual tour with Google Street View let your prospects to walk into your venue straight from Google Maps! It helps you to get discovered as well as it helps your website to be more visible! And it's included in our service! No extra costs!

Read more about 360 Google Street View

360 virtual tour company in Norway
Matterport laser-guided scanners map property’s interior with 99% accuracy. Visitors can measure walls, door, floor, entryway, roof height and more remotely from any digital device. This measurement tool can create confidence for dealmakers and can be used for renovation / rearrangement works.

dollhouse view of an event venue
Matterport digital twin let visitors view your space from every angle. They can easily zoom out to see a doll house’ view and navigate between different floors.

Metaverse meetings in event venues

Join metaverse and meet your prospects or vendors inside your event venue's virtual tour. Create avatars and give everyone an immersive experience with a sense of presence. It's more than a zoom meeting!

360 virtual tour services for event venues

Your Matterport 3D virtual tour can be branded with your company logo and company details. For easier navigation we can add a side bar menu. Adding background music, voice overs or make your tour gamified is also possible. All that to make your visitors' experience even more memorable!

floorplan of an event venue

A birds’ eye view is always available from the virtual tour window. We can also generate a schematic 2D floor plan with the required measures.

share a 3d virtual tour of the venue

It is super easy to share our matterport 360 tour on Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps as well as embed it on your website.

You can also print QR codes on paper so people who stop by your office or attend physical viewing will be able to explore the property straight away even easier.

reports from 3d virtual tours

Individual property virtual tour analytics can be provided to give you thorough insights into how your Matterport 3D virtual tours are performing.

3D scanning

3D virtual tours can be used throughout your venue life cycle. Once it's captured you can use it for planning, sales, marketing, guests' & employees' on-boarding, maintenance, redesigning works and more! Take advantage of saving your and others time while discussing business or private events virtually. Mind that it can help you also with insurance in case of any damage!

3D virtual tour of an event venue

Virtual Reality is one of the best ways of experiencing a Matterport Space. Visitors can walk anywhere in your space like they were there. If VR is going to be the next technological revolution you can be ready for it with the Matterport 3D walkthrough for Even Venues.

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