3D Virtual Tours for Hospitality

Create the best booking experience
No matter if you own or manage a hotel, event venue or cabins/apartments to rent. Our 3D virtual tours can help you increase reservations, drive higher occupancy rates and raise engagement while booking.
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hotel virtual tour in Oslo
Virtual meetings, online sales or working remotely became a new standard that brought new requirements.
Creating 3D virtual tour for your hospitality business will let you stay in front of your competition and meet your guests' needs. It will bring even more transparency and will make your communication more efficient.
One digital tool with many possibilities.
Our Matterport 3D Virtual Tours can help you:
- create the best, immersive and engaging booking experience,
- increase the number of bookings,
- give more confidence to your prospects by sharing the venue tour with other decision makers and vendors,
- get higher occupancy rate,
- get more positive reviews from guests,
- make your property stand out on the market,
- build clients' trust and confidence.

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Thanks to 3D virtual tour hotels in Norway can stay open 24/7 for visitors from around the world.

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Product features

hotel virtual tour 360

Our 3D Virtual Tours are created with high quality equipment to deliver the best visual and technical results. Therefore a number of high-resolution photos can be delivered together with the virtual tour. You can easily use them for marketing communication!

hotel 3d virtual tour in Oslo
Highlight key features of your business with a pop-up label containing a text, phone numbers, documents, links, or a video

virtual hotel tour on Google Street View
Publishing your 3D virtual tour in Google Street View as 360 photos let everyone  to walk into your retail business straight from Google Maps! It helps you to get discover as well as it helps your website to be more visible! And it's included in our service! No extra costs!

virtual reality hotel in Norway

It’s possible to brand your business' virtual tour with your company logo, address and other details, to make it more personal.

dollhouse view of a hotel in Norway
Visitors can view your space from every angle. Zoom out to see a doll house view or navigate between different floors.

apartment virtual tour in Oslo
Laser-guided scanners map your property’s interior with 99% accuracy. Thanks to that you can measure any area (wall, door, space, entryway, roof height and more) without needing access to the property. This measurement tool can be useful in terms of maintenance or renovation / rearrangement activities.

hotel 3d virtual tour in Oslo

A birds’ eye view is always available from the virtual tour's window and if required, we can also provide a 2D / 3D floor plan.

reports of virtual hotel tours

Receive individual property virtual tour analytics that give you thorough insights into how your virtual tours are performing. 

3d virtual tour in Norway

3D virtual tours can be used throughout the property life cycle. During buying, renting and selling process to present your property with all the details widely.

During your future guests booking process, while onboarding (also new employees).

In the renovation process to get a quotation or discuss virtually all requirements.

Also for insurance purposes in case of any damage.

360 visning

Virtual Reality is one of the best ways of experiencing a Matterport Space. Visitors can walk anywhere in your Space like they were there. If Metaverse with AR & VR is going to be the next technological revolution you will be ready for it! 

Proven results in hospitality with Matterport

500 %
more time spend by customers on websites with virtual tours
130 %
more bookings based on a virtual tour among 18-34 years old prospects
61 %
of Norwegians are online shoppers
81 %
of shoppers research online before big purchases
300 %
more engagement with virtual experiences than with 2D imagery
67 %
customers know what is a virtual tour & want more businesses to offer them

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