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Use 3D virtual viewings as a great and competitive door opener.

Reduce days on the market & improve communications by elevating the power of Matterport 3D Virtual Tour for your Commercial Properties.
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3D virtual tour of office in norway
Show available units to prospective tenants with dimensionally accurate digital twins.
With Matterport 3D walkthrough you will draft engagements online and create efficiency in the search/viewing process. This will save your clients time and money while making your offer more attractive.
Unlock the national & international market
Transparency is a key factor in selling or leasing commercial properties. Virtual 3D tours provide the transparency that translates into the trust which is sought after in today’s commercial real estate market.
Many prospects simply don't have the time to tour buildings in person. A visit can take weeks to schedule, and often just one visit doesn't provide enough information for an investor to make a confident decision.
With Matterport 3D tours you can now offer 24/7 open buildings.

Proven results in commercial with Matterport

99 %
Shoppers research online before big purchases
67 %
Respondents want to see virtual tours on a company website
77 %
Of all WeWork offices around the globe provide 3D viewing
300 %
Grater engagement on websites with 3D tour vs. 2D imagery
31 %
Less time on market
16 %
Better organic growth in Google search for websites with 3d tours

Let’s have a walk!​

No matter if your commercial properties are for sell, short or long-term rent. Will people appreciate opportunity of digital visit before the physical one?  

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Product features

office space virtual tour in Oslo4K High-Resolution still photos as well as 360 photos can be produced together with 3D virtual viewing both for marketing purpose and record keeping of your commercial properties.

virtual reality commercial real estate in Norway
Highlight key features of your space with a pop-up label containing text, phone numbers, links or video. Thanks to mattertags your 3D virtual tour will be even more interesting and informative for visitors.

commercial real estate virtual tours in Norway
Matterport laser-guided scanners map property’s interior with 99% accuracy. Visitors can measure walls, door, floor, entryway, roof height and more remotely from any digital device. This measurement tool can create confidence for dealmakers and can be used for renovation / rearrangement works.

dollhouse view commercial real estate
Matterport digital twin let visitors view your space from every angle. They can easily zoom out to see a doll house’ view and navigate between different floors.

Metaverse meetings commercial real estate Norway

Join metaverse and meet your prospects or vendors inside your event venue's virtual tour. Create avatars and give everyone an immersive experience with a sense of presence. It's more than a zoom meeting!

virtual hotels commercial real estate Norway

Your 3D virtual tour can be branded with your company logo and company details. We can add video meeting feature, background music and more to make your visitors' experience even more complex.

3D virtual tour in Norway

A birds’ eye view is always available from the virtual tour window. We can also generate a schematic 2D floor plan with the required measures to better understand & navigate through your commercial properties.

3D virtual tour of office

It is super easy to share our matterport tour as 360 visning on, Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps as well as embed it on your website.

You can also generate a QR code and add it to your marketing assets.

reports office virtual tour

Your commercial properties virtual tours analytics can be provided to give you thorough insights into how your 3D viewings are performing.

commercial real estate virtual tours Norway

3D virtual tours can be used throughout commercial properties life cycles. To capture all systems before they get covered under walls. During renting/selling process to present property with all the details widely. In renovation & maintenance works to discuss virtually all needed tasks. Also for insurance purposes in case of any damage.

virtual reality commercial real estate

Virtual Reality is one of the best ways of experiencing a Matterport Space. Visitors can walk anywhere in your Commercial Property like they would be there. If VR is going to be the next technological revolution you can be ready for it with 3D virtual tour.

Why can it make a difference?

  • Companies from any place can explore your Commercial Property anytime. You can even walk them through during a video call.

  • A virtual tour gives a sense of luxury, builds more trust with customers.

  • Highlight important details with a pop-up label containing text, phone numbers, links or YT video.

  • Add it to your Google Street View and take advantage of Google algorithms.

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