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By capturing physical spaces, we offer a new way of increasing sales & optimising costs.
We are based in Oslo and we use an advanced technology to create 3D digital twins which allows to make an interactive remote visits. It’s easy, convenient, contactless and can be used worldwide 24/7.

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360 virtual tour company in Norway

Why 3D virtual viewing?​

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Every day is an open day in your space when you have Matterport 3D virtual tour. 
Let the clients walk through and experience details of your property from any mobile device.
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Features that brings even more magic...​

3D scanning in Norway

4K High-Resolution still photos, as well as 360 photos, can be produced together with 3D virtuell visning both for marketing purposes and property record keeping.

3D virtual tour in Oslo

Highlight key features of your space with a pop-up label containing text, phone numbers, links, or video. Thanks to mattertags your 3D virtual tour will be even more interesting and informative for visitors.

matterport 3d tour, Norge

Matterport laser-guided scanners map property’s interior with 99% accuracy. Visitors can measure walls, door, floor, entryway, roof height and more remotely from any digital device. This measurement tool can create confidence for dealmakers and can be used for renovation/rearrangement works.

dollhouse views and 360 virtual tours, Norway

Matterport digital twin let visitors view your space from every angle. They can easily zoom out to see a doll house’ view and navigate between different floors.

Metaverse meetingsJoin metaverse and meet your clients or partners inside your 3D virtual store. Create avatars and give everyone an immersive experience with a sense of presence and uniqueness. It's more than a zoom meeting!

best virtual tours in Norway

Your 3D virtual tour can be branded with your company logo and company details. We can also add background music to make your visitors' experience even more memorable.

360 degree virtual tours, Oslo

A birds’ eye view is always available from the virtual tour window. We can also generate a schematic 2D floor plan with the required measures.

3D scanning in Oslo

It is super easy to share our matterport 360 visning on Finn.no, Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps as well as embed it on your website.

You can also print QR code on the paper listings so people who stop by your office or attend physical visning will be able to explore the property straight away even easier.

Matterport 360 virtual tour

Individual property virtual tour analytics can be provide to give you thorough insights into how your 3D virtual tours are performing.

create vitual tour in Norway

3D virtual tours can be used throughout the property life cycle. To capture all systems before they get covered by walls. During buying/selling process to present property with all the details widely. In renovation process to get quotation or discuss virtually all requirements. Also for insurance purposes in case of any damage.

virtual reality in Norway

Virtual Reality is one of the best ways of experiencing a Matterport Space. Visitors can walk anywhere in your Space like they would be there. If VR is going to be the next technological revolution you can be ready for it with 3D visning.

Getting your space 3D model is easy, simple & fast!

blue icon with comic clouds - consultation before a virtual viewing

Quick Consulation

Generally, we don’t need any pre-visit. Usually, a call with details about the size of the property is enough.

blue icon with a cube - symbol of 3D virtual scan

Scan The Space

Most of the residential homes take 2-3 hours to scan. For the best results it’s important to make your space nice & tidy. 

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Process & Delivery

We upload all 3D scans to the cloud, where powerful algorithms process them. In max. 48 hours, your 3D digital twin will be ready.

blue icon with share button - matterport 3d tour

Publish & Enjoy

It’s easy to share your fully immersive 3D model which is more than 360 tour. You will get from us a link to add it easily to your website, SM or finn.no

Technology of the future

We work with Matterport technology used worldwide as one of the most reliable and effective solutions.

Our Matterport Pro2 Cameras are the gold standard for high-quality 3D & 360° capture. We can scan any space from a room in a house or hotel to an entire office building, factory or construction site.

Viscan is based in Oslo, Norway but we operate also in Drammen, Moss, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Bergen, Ålesund, and Trondheim area.

Matterport camera for creating virtual tours in Norway
Matterport camera for creating virtual tours in Norway

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