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As a Norwegian licensed company we can deliver professional drone services both in Oslo area and other parts of Norway.
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Are you thinking of promotional photos or videos that include drone shots of your company or property? We got you!
Do you need to inspect the condition of a commercial rooftop or monitor the health of a solar facility? We can help you with that too!
Why it makes a difference?
- Show your property in a unique way and stand out from other listings

- 95 percent of viewers spend the most time focused on the first exterior photo. A drone will make it eye-catching. - Showcase the entire property and all its exterior features in a single shot rather than a few photos from the ground.

- Online buyers spent 60% of their time on images. We help to replace descriptions with aerial photos & videos.
- Show a beautiful neighborhood or a large property from a new perspective.
- Present the roof's condition, as well as other difficult-to-assess property features.

Drone services in Oslo

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Proven results with drone photos & videos

68 %
More likely to sell a property with aerial imagery.
60 %
Of time visitors spend on your page they pay attention to photos & videos.
98 %
of costs saved on surveying thanks to drones usage rather than a traditional way.

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