3D Virtual Tour for Construction

Benefit on all stages of your investment.
Whether you work in architecture, engineering, or construction, Matterport's 3D virtual tours will help you reduce costs and save time. You'll be able to streamline documentation, scan as-builts, and collaborate with developers, contractors and sub-contractors with ease.
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3d laser scanning construction Norway
Communicate with all parties involved in the most efficient way.
3D scan of a building can be very helpful during the whole life cycle of the property. Investors, Architects, Builders, Contractors, Subcontractors, Inspectors, Suppliers, Sales & Marketing departments as well as Banks can have a great advantage of it and make their work more efficient .
Why having 3D Digital Twin makes difference?
Streamline design and BIM modeling processes
Integrate digital twin cloud data of site seamlessly with your existing software - from SketchUp, to Revit, AutoCAD, Autodesk BIM 360 and others.
3D scan as-builts and make collaboration easier
Reduce site visits by capturing all data from the first time and during the development. Communicate key milestones quickly and effectively by eliminating travel time, sharing and annotating in the model to get sign-offs. Use it as a great documentation and internal point of references tool.
Marketing tool
Showcase your projects as an interactive 3D portfolio, add it for the next tender to underline that you use efficient and effective solutions. Be ahead of your competitors and let your contractors to use it as well!

Let's have a walk!

Planning and talking about the construction projects was never as easy. And all that through any browser with no extra software. 

Product features

virtual reality for construction in Oslo
Laser-guided scanners map the building's interior with up to 99,8% accuracy. Measure any area (wall, door, space, entryway, roof height and more) without needing access to the property. This measurement tool can be used with no additional software from any internet device. 

dollhouse view  of a construction site
You can view the site from every angle. Zoom out to see a doll house’ view or navigate between different floors.

matterport 3d point of cloud

Set of downloadable and exportable assets can be provided for use by design professionals, architects, construction, and developers.

Assets can be imported into a multitude of programs (such as 3ds Max, ReCap, Revit, or AutoCAD) to kick start your design, development or management process.

Matterport Scan to BIM

With just 2 scans we can deliver a great tool allowing your end customer to have an easy and powerful tool to check BEFORE & AFTER the renovation. Checking where electric or water installations has never been easier.

virtual tour of a construction site with mattertags
Highlight key information of the site with a pop-up label containing text, phone numbers, links or yt video.

share your construction site's 3d model

It’s easy & fast to send any location from the scanned site to your colleagues as a link. You can send it by smsm, email or via project management app.

Meet contractors inside your BIM modelMeet your contractors and investors inside your side 3D virtual tour or even your 3D CAD model! Create avatars and give everyone an immersive experience with a sense of presence. It's more than a zoom meeting!

floor plan of a building - virtual tour for construction

A birds’ eye view is always available from the virtual tour window and can also generate a 2D floor plan.

Matterport 3d floor plan

A birds’ eye view is always available from the virtual tour window and can also generate a 2D floor plan.

construction site documentation with 3d virtual tour

Receive individual property virtual tour analytics that gives you thorough insights into how your virtual tours are performing.

3d construction in Norway

High-Resolution photos can be produced together with virtual tour & be used both for documentation & marketing.

virtual reality for construction

Virtual Reality is one of the best ways of experiencing a 3D Digital Twin. Investors and collaborators, can walk anywhere in the space like they would be there. If VR is going to be the next technological revolution you can be ready for it with 3D viewing.

Proven results in construction with matterport

89 %
Agree that reality capture is the future of AEC
82 %
Agree a 3D walkthrough is better to communicate job site status
98 %
Agree that Matterport has improved the way they communicate on projects
99 %
Acurracy for models scanned with Leica BLK 360
98 %
Acurracy for models scanned with Matterport PRO2 camera
50 %
less travel costs and time for meetings on site and even more in early project stages

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