We want to help in property digitalisation and 3D shift not only in Norway, but also in other Scandinavian countries.

About us

Hi! My name is Maciek. I am a 3D reality capture provider, a photographer and a film maker, with over 6 years experience in advertising & film production.

Together with my team, we believe that by 2025 property presentations with only steel photography will be as popular as CDs today, and virtual reality devices will be as common as smartphones now. We are part of that shift, and we want to help in property digitalisation not only in Norway, but also in other Scandinavian countries.

We look for solutions, not problems.
We look for partners, not competitors.
We know that together we can make the world a better  place.

Please contact us if you would like to join our team or cooperate in any sense.

Maciek Pulit - owner



It is a three-dimensional property tour. Viewers can navigate the space, look up or down, as well as side to side, just as they would in real life. The transition from one point to the next is smooth and there are no visual distortions.

Visitors are 300% more engaged with a 3D virtual tour than with still images!

Digital twins enable industries like real estate, hospitality, construction, and retail to save time and reduce costs.

You can use the virtual twin to design, build, operate, promote, and understand any space and it can make your business more competitive and the processes more efficient.


With 3D virtual tours potential clients can do their own walkthrough of the apartments from anywhere, anytime with anyone, generating higher engagement and interest. You can include all important information and specifications in the virtual tour and offer a complete experience remotely.

Data shows that viewers are more likely to call about homes with 3D virtual tours. On average, these homes will be 31% less time on the market and will be sold for 7% higher price.

3D tours are easy to use & allow all parties involved in the process to make a remote inspection before getting on site. This reduces costs and saves time.

3D virtual tours make it possible to document milestones quickly and effectively, to eliminate mistakes & rise efficiency
 For the construction industry we use a very precise camera (Leica 360) to deliver both 4K quality 3D virtual tours as well as highly accurate measurements with the points of the cloud! This can be used by architects in Revit, Autocad, Autodesk, and other software. Not only to plan but also to create eg. the BIM model.
It can also be an interactive portfolio for every contractor that worked on the particular project.

A 3D walkthrough enables your guests to experience your property as if they were there. It goes far beyond photos and makes your property stand out from the competition.

Data shows that 3D virtual tour can increase conversion to bookings by as much as 14% and results in more positive opinions.


The cost depends on the size of the property and is agreed individually. Contact us to find out more!

The 3D virtual tour is available in the cloud and therefore, it can’t be downloaded to your device.

However, you can easily embed it on your website, share it in social media or messaging applications.

We are based in Oslo and we offer our services across the whole country of Norway. 

We add travel charges to the services outside of Oslo.

If the scan takes place in Oslo, we can do it on the following day after booking!

For services outside of Oslo, we will need about a week of advance. 

It depends on the size of your space, but usually we provide it to you within 48 hours.

3D virtual tours are hosted in the cloud so what you receive as a deliverable is a direct link to the 3D virtual tour.

You also receive an embed code so that you can add it on your website, just like a YouTube video.

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